An Appeal

Sri Sharada Devi Andhara Vikasa Kendra was established in the year 1986. Started with one child now the strength is about 110 blind students providing education, rehabilitation opportunities, self-employment training and making the student self-reliant are the main objectives of the Kendra.

The Kendra renders varied services to the visually impaired children and provides free boarding, food clothing medicine and education. Apart from these, they are being trained in music, musical instruments, dance, drama, kolata and famous folk art yakshagana. Prayer, meditation, yogasana and physical education are the part of daily routine. Vocational training such as manufacture of phenyl liquid soap, bleaching poweder, maintenance of dairy and gardening are taught to the senior students. The organisation has shown a remarkable growth during the past years. Still the requirements of the blind children are incomplete. If the infrastructure is developed, more blind children can be accommodated.

The Kendra is situated 6 kms away from the bustling city of Shimoga in a clean, calm and serene atmosphere. The vast 10 acres of land is ideally suited for carrying out various projects of Kendra including dairy and agricultural training. For the benefit of the visually impaired the Kendra has already completed several projects such as prayer hall, school building, pyramid shaped "Viveka Meditation Centre" children's play ground, a lavishly green "Nisarga garden", a well equipped dairy. "Viveka Sharada Computer training Centre", guest cottages, pasture land, borewells, pipes etc. A Separate girls hostel has been completed.

To facilitate and run the above philanthropic activities, the following schemes are being introduced to facilitate the general public's participation.

Building Fund

The Kendra Proposes to construct a building to house boys hostel, vocational training centre, higher education centre with an approximate area of 21400 sq ft. Kendra has already completed ground and first floor and second floor construction will commence in the month of march 2016. The estimated cost for the construction of second floor is around Rs. 1.12 crores.

Please donate liberally for this scheme.

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Permanent Annadaanam Scheme

You can pay Rs 10,000/ and become life parton of the above scheme. The amount will be deposited in a bank and interest accrued will be utilised for conducting Mass Annadaanam to blind children on the day as desired by you.

Also you can pay Rs 1000/ for a day's mass feeding for blind children on any occasion of Birthday, Marriage anniversary of your and your near & dear ones and also Death anniversary of the departed members of the family.

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Adoption of Child

You can adopt a child by paying Rs 10,000 / per year or Rs 1000 / per month which will be utilized for the well being of the child.

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Godaanam Scheme

We are maintaining a well equipped DAIRY FARM. You can participate in the Godaanam Scheme with a donation of Rs 30,000 / for the purchase of cow.

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Cow maintenance Fund

You can deposit Rs 5,000 / as a permanent fund, the interest of which will be utilized for one day's cow feedings every year.

You can contribute Rs 500 / for a day's maintenance also.

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Vastra Daanam Scheme

Two full set of uniform to all the students costs Rs 1,00,000 / you can bear the full amount or any part thereof. Two pairs of uniform for a boy/girl is Rs 1000.

Friends, please come forward let us join together in this great work of social servcie. Let us help the helpless and feel blessed.

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Appeal for Generous Donation

Selfless and sincere efforts of dedicated workers and hard work and continuous public support are the reason for the progress of the Kendra. The Kendra depends only on the generous and liberal minded people like you. A trustworthy board of trustees is looking after the wok of the organisation. Senior monks of Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama are guiding on regularly. The generous contribution from philanthropic public are the main assets of the organisation. The lives of hundreds of blind children are illuminated here.

In this great work of giving light to the blind, we appeal your goodselves to stand by us and strengthen our hands by donating liberally. Friends come forward. Let us join in this great work of social service. Let us help the helpless and feel blessed.

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